Thursday, 2 February 2017

JUDE KRISHNAN : Indian youngsters must come forward to donate blood

Benefits of donating blood

There is no denial to the fact that donating your blood is certainly a good thing. It is not only safe but offers a number of advantages given below.

1. You save lives of people – There are many people who are in urgent need of blood and by donating your blood you can easily give them a new life. This satisfaction is the biggest thing that you will ever experience.

2. Refreshes your system – After you donate the blood, the entire body gets to freshen up and most of the health problems come to an end. So donating the blood can result in a much healthier body which increases your life span.

3. Adds to the blood quantity – Blood is not only required in case of accidents or injuries but sometimes a patient may need plasma or platelets as well.

4. Receive proper diagnosis – Before you are ready to donate blood, the hospital professionals will make the necessary diagnosis of the iron content, cholesterol, hemoglobin etc.

Hence you need not be afraid of donating the blood as it is painless and will take about an hour only. So whenever you have spare time you can visit the hospital and donate the blood. You will surely feel happy as people will shower their blessings on you for giving them blood and saving their life.

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